Friday, November 21, 2008

216 Megapixel Camera

Microsoft has developed 216 megapixel camera. The UltraCamX collects 216 megapixels per trigger to produce 14,430 across track and 9,420 along track pixels, the largest image format available, with a sustained collection rate of three gigabits per second. The UltraCamX, a large Format Digital Aerial Camera, uses CCD technology, employing 7.2 micrometer pixels thus achieving an even larger image format at 14,430 x 9,420 pixels without sacrificing radiometric performance.

Vexcel Imaging GmbH, a Microsoft® company, has signed a purchase agreement with Aerodata International Surveys, a Belgian-based airborne surveying and mapping company - for an UltraCamX (UCX) large format digital aerial camera system.

“Aerodata is a long standing UltraCam customer and has significant experience operating the camera,” said Rob Agee, Microsoft Group Business Manager for the Vexcel Imaging GmbH business. “The company understands the clear benefits provided by the UltraCam technology and the added value afforded by the advancements available through the UltraCamX. We value their commitment to providing their customers high-quality aerial imagery, quickly and economically, and congratulate them on this purchase.” For more information about UltraCamX visit vexel Imaging, a microsoft company.
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