Friday, November 14, 2008

Latest Laptops

Intel had a great idea too, after collaborating with Ziba Design, and came up with this 0.7 inches thick laptop having a width of 17.7 inches and a weight of 2.25 pounds (1Kg).
Again we encounter the e-ink material for an external display that would show a photo, the calendar, or your daily schedule.

The Intel Mobile Metro notebook meets the following requirements: it is modern, supports all wireless network types and the latest mobile computing capabilities.
According to Roger Kay, the president of consultancy Endpoint Technologies Associates, for this concept, Intel used high quality resistant materials such as champagne-colored magnesium and decorated it with gold accents.

In Ziba’s view, this notebook is like a jewelry.
Intel Mobile Metro has a diary-like folder attached to it via magnets, capable of wireless charging.

2. Compenion prototype is on the 2nd place because of its two OLED touch-sensitive displays from which one would be used as keyboard, while the other one as an additional display.
Felix Schhmidberger wanted it to have a slider design and to serve as a series of docking stations.
The home dock would have a projector for viewing videos, and the office would have an ergonomic keyboard for example.
The multi-touch screen would be accessed with both fingers and a senstylus.
This notebook could have many different functionalities and has a great look too but we had to put it in the same balance with the Vaio Zoom concept, and you will see why Compenion remained on this position.

1. For this beautiful glass display that becomes completely transparent when the laptop is not in use, the touch-sensitive keyboard that becomes opaque when not in use, and it’s extremely thin shell, the Vaio Zoom Holographic Concept notebook deserves the first position in top 10 coolest laptop concepts of all times.
We think that this concept is showing us how future laptops would look like, while the designer wanted to create something that satisfies the requests of people for a perfect designed notebook.
Such a system would be extremely thin, the lightest, and would look exactly like in these pictures.
Eno Setiawan designed it after he gathered the latest statistics about how people would want their laptop to look like.